Building up of arms for pitchers

Over the past few months I have been following TuffCuff nearly to a T and it is definitely paying off. I have always been a health nut but have prior to doing TuffCuff I am ashamed to say I was weary on workout routines and such. For example I would go to the gym and do random exercises basically based on what I wanted to do that day. Although very unorganized which is unlike me, I was able to stay in good shape. But not that I have been following this program people have noticed in me a much thicker and fuller appearance as far as muscle goes, and here is my question… I have heard many times pitchers should not have large arms, but if you continue to stretch and remain limber do big arms have much of an effect? I am most defintely getting larger arms, not to say gigantic but there is an increase and Im worried I am using too much weight. Thank you

Ahh… the classic “I dont want to be too muscular” question. For some reason every pitcher seems to think that they will lift heavy upper body for a few weeks and turn into a striated Zeus who cant reach above their head.

You’re fine. You could have the genetics of the gods and you would still have to train for years to gain so much muscle that you lose enough mobility to have it impact your pitching. Keep the intensity high and continue gaining strength bud.

If you’re working out like a baseball player should, don’t worry about how big your arms get. We have several successful minor league pitchers training with us who throw around 90-100lbs dumbbells with ease.