Building stamina

i dont get to throw much… in fact this past couple of weeks ive been out to throw twice for not even an hour each time, and in the upcoming weeks i probably wont be able to get out at all

i get tired after 40-50 pitches, which was fine last season because all i was used for pitching wise was closing up a game or 2 innings for the save… etc

but i was called up to a AA team after last season and im not sure if i can get away with only throwing 40-50 pitches before getting hit around

so is there anyway to build stamina without actually throwing a ball?

OffSet, I don’t believe your whole AA team story at all.

He doesn’t mean AA as in minor leagues professionally. He’s from Ontario, he means AA as in amateur minor leagues like bantam or midget age groups.

To answer your question. I’d say the best way is to long toss but since you say you can’t throw do you have access to weights? I’m not sure how old you are but if your 16 or older then weights would be good to stregthen your arm.

ok, I am not familiar with canadian stuff.

the levels here are:

various levels of houseleague
then for rep ball its

AAA being the highest

Then there’s elite. Elite has 3 age groups, starts at 16U, 17U and 18U. There’s also Junior which is 19-21yr olds, some ball players there are elite caliber but most are not.

kids at the AA level dont throw all that hard… this will be my second year playing and i throw harder than most of them :shock:
and my breaking ball makes the batters look dumb

but when it comes to location they make me look terrible

I see, I am not used to that as I live in the USA, lol.

If you ever play against Canadian teams, chances are they are elite level.