Building For Success

Dedicating a new log to the rebuilding of myself as a pitcher and as a ball player. Feel free to browse my old log “SwitchPitch39 Back In the Game” to catch up on the details.

To start this off. My season officially ended today with me pitching 1 2/3 innings of average ball in a adult league in Boston. Starting today I will take a 2 month hiatus from throwing to focus on building some functional strength, more can be read in my old log. Ill copy and paste my offseason goals from there when I get a chance tomorrow.

Got some good work done today.

This morning I did my Warband Workout by The Warbird Acedemy. Workout went as follows:

2x12-Pull Apart A
2x12-Split Stance Y
2x12-Scapular Raise with Neutral Grip
2x12-Front Raise with Neutral Grip
2x12-Split Stance T
2x8-External Rotation Neutral Grip
2x8-External Rotation Supinated Grip
2x12-Face Pull
2x12-Split Stance Scap Press

After work I hit the gym for an upper body day. Workout is as follows:

1 Mile Run- 6:39 pace
5x5 Incline Press @140lbs (also worked way up to ORM at 160)
5x5 MTS Incline Press @100lbs (50 each arm)
5x5 MTS Pulls @140lbs (70 each arm)
5x5 MTS Rows @120lbs (60 each arm(
5x5 Cable Pull Downs @120lbs
5x5 Preacher Curls @80lbs

Keep in mind my workouts are not 100% baseball orientated, if you read my past log I’m training for my Police Physical Exam. Some of certain exercises I can do for more weight but I choose to do for less to improve my form. MTS is a machine (or brand) that has a weight for each arm, I prefer to do it this way instead of one weight for both arms that way I can balance out strength imbalances. Prevents my from favoriting one arm. My right shoulder seems to be alittle weaker then my left, working on correcting that.

Looking for pitchers to emulate today I’ve come to decide I want a delivery similar to Zack Wheeler. This motion looks so fluid and effortless with an arm action that is short but powerful.

Today I defiantly felt yesterday’s workout. It wasn’t much soreness (except for legs for pushing out that run) but I just felt fatigued. My shoulder felt good except for when I left work it felt like I just slept on it for 9 hours (if you followed by old log you know I work in the law enforcement profession so I don’t do any heavy lifting on the job). Once I got home I took a 2 hour power nap until my wife got home. Once the wifey got home we hit the gym. Today was my Leg/Core day. Workout is as follows:

5 minute jog at 5.5 mph pace to get the blood flowing
5x5 Leg Press @335 lbs
5x5 Leg Extension @100 lbs
5x5 Hip Abduction @150 lbs
5x5 Hip Adduction @150 lbs
5 minutes of Stair Master using Speed Interval Training
5x5 Calf Raises @215 lbs

3x35 Resisted Crunches
4x15 Inclined Sit-ups with 25 lb Weight
4x15 Inclined Rotational Sit-ups
4x15 Leg Raises

Good stuff man looking forward to following your off-season progress.

Took yesterday off to recover.

Today did the same upper body workout as Monday except with a few minor changes.

-1 mile run came in at 6:45 (let’s just say I had to “dispose” of something and if I ran much faster I would have “dropped” it on my leg)
-MTS Incline Press I increased to 55 lbs per arm
-MTS Pulls I increased to 150 lbs.
-MTS Rows I increased to 160 lbs.

Tomorrow is leg day again and Warband routine (starting next week will be M/W/F on Warbands)

One thing I noticed today is my right arm is weaker on push exercises (like mentioned earlier) but my left arm is weaker on pull exercises, I’m feeling its the same as external/internal rotation for arms.

One thing I want to try adding next week on a M/W/F basis is adding sprints and change of direction sprints. This will ultimately make my lower body more explosive and will help me throw harder and give me more range when I play the field.

Leg/Core day today. Nothing changed except for some increases in weight:

Leg Press up to 355 lbs.
Leg Extension up to 120 lbs.
Hip Abduction up to 170 lbs
Hip Adduction machine was broken so didn’t get to use it.
Calf Raises up to 235 lbs.

Weekend off of lifting.

Didn’t some shadow throws today to work on motion. After awhile I seemed to have counter rotation down and stopped dropping my elbow, but it’s a completely different story with a ball and a mound but at least it’s a start to build off of.

Took the weekend off to recover myself, got right back at it this morning.

Did my Warband Routine this morning followed by sprints. I was running a little short on time because I had to work (actually writing this on my company IPad)

Sprints were pretty simple as well just 5 sets of 200 ft with the walk back as the rest period

Worked out the upper body yesterday.

6:39 mile
Upped Incline press to 145
Upped MTS Pulls to 160

No real improvement lifting the past couple days. Took an extra day off lifting for my 21st bday. I’ll make up for it next week.

Man I can’t believe your 21 it feels like only yesterday you were a little guy coming on here looking to learn the art… I feel old right now

What’s up Matt?

Curious how you’re organizing your training right now and what your short term goals are?

I see you’re doing Dan’s bandwork. Are you following a program for your lifting?

Hey man been a few months what’s going on?

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, had alot going on since I last posted so I’ll catch you all up.

I considered the 2013 season a waste as I battled nagging arm problems and lack of playing time.

After the season I took about 2 months off of throwing to let the wing heal up but that soon became a 4 month off period once I discovered in October that I am going to be a father. I cannot express how excited I am to be a dad. Me and my wife found out late last month that it is a beautiful baby girl (I’m kindof bummed I wont have a little Nolan Ryan on my hands, but maybe a Jennie Finch)

I’ll admit I have defiantly slipped in my training as now nothing seems as important as preparing for the baby.

I started a new job working for AT&T as a Sales Rep (my wife also works for the company so we are the couple power house of the AT&T world) making almost double what I made at my past job.

Recently I began searching for a new team to play for this year that is closer to home (can’t waste money driving an hour just to pitch and inning or two) and have 2 teams that I’m trying to decide on (one in a non-competitive beer league and the other is just another team in the league I played in last year)

I’ve spent some time trying to get back into playing shape for the upcoming season, really just some body weight stuff as I cancelled my gym membership to save money for the baby, but really haven’t gotten the chance to throw at all. This winter in New England has gotten annoying as everytime the snow starts to melt, we get another 8 or so inches of that white fluffy stuff.

Finally coming to terms with that I’ll most likely never play professionally like I always dreamed of, I began experimenting with other things baseball wise. I have tried everything from submarine, sidearm, Paul Byrd throwing, knuckleball, finesse stuff and nothing took any pressure off the arm I have been nursing for awhile. So being the guy who just wants to get out there and have fun, I decided my right arm is basically useless now (all I did with it anyways is throw) so I’m giving throwing left handed this year my all. I had a good base to go off of considering I always messed around with it from 9th grade to now so now its seeing how good I can get. I never expect to throw 100 or 90 for that matter but I see getting 80 as an attainable long term goal. Its all about fun for me since I decided my daughter will be all that matters once she’s born (I may even hang up the glove and cleats all together when she’s born this July)

I want to get out throwing alittle this Friday (knowing New England another snow storm is brewing) as the thing that screwed me last year is I went to practices not in shape at all and started going at it 100% without really building up my arm strength.

Now just to add alittle of a light side to this whole post. I have kindof developed alittle bit of a celebrity status within the league I played for last year, kindof like a Sasquatch of Boston. I only made about 3-4 appearances on the mound (all maybe an inning or so) and opposing hitters have told our manager that I was very deceptive and sneaky fast (maybe if I was lucky last year hitting 75 on the gun with my nagging shoulder issue) due to the fact the only way I could throw was across my body making it look like the ball was going at the batter (and on 7-8 occasions it really was). Also with the resurgence as Grant Balfour as a dominant reliever and his “Balfour Rage” there came a sortof “Berish Rage” occurring in occasional games, as I was known for getting pissed at myself and muttering curse words under my breath at myself (sometimes yelling) and giving hitters a death stare if I had a fastball run in on them. At first it was just for fun and joking around but now I want to add the fire and intensity to my game.

Well I’ve taken enough of forum space with my washed up ramblings of better years and dreams of stardom. Look forward to posting on here alot more as the season approaches.

Good night and GO SOX!!!

Also to add, you guys are gonna see me do some wild training methods over this season due to the fact I know next to nothing about pitching except some common sense throwing things.


So enjoying the first day of spring with a day-off of work. Decided to venture out to the local baseball field and get some throwing in. To start the day off on a good note my car battery was dead because I left my lights on (used to my Dodge Challenger that the lights would turn off automatically, before I traded that in for a more family friendly Honda CR-V)

Eventually after AAA gave me a jump I made it too the field to find out the entire baseball field is covered in 2 inches of snow while the soccer field less the 100 ft away was completely clear (just my luck ehh??)

After attempting to clear part of the mound off and a couple slippery throws, I decided to just throw against the dugout fence. Wasn’t able to get any video today because it would have been a waste.

Throwing into the fence I was surprised at how natural and fluid it felt, granted I still have alot of room for improvement but it was a start. After throwing alittle I decided to air it out to see what kindof distance I was getting, made about two distance throws and they both went around 200 ft, not good but a decent start for the first time outside throwing this year.

Two products I’m wondering if anybody has any experience with is the connection ball and the speed chain. I feel both could help me, but what to hear if anybody has an opinion or experience with either.

Love and hugs to your soon to be born daughter.

Keep working , don’t get over zelouse and hurt your arm. Your going to be doing a lot of lifting soon

Been working hard and really haven’t had a chance to get outside to get some throwing.

Main thing I have been working on is rotator cuff strength and shadow throwing in front of a mirror to make tweaks with my motion.

Waiting to get outside to get some actual video.

Went to an indoor practice for one of the teams I may play for this season. The team was in the same league I played for last season.

I was warming up lefty and the manager walks up to me and says “I heard about the gas you could throw last year, think you can do it again this year?” Kindof hesitant to throw righty I told him I’d try but first sign at any pain I’d call it quits.

Started off by taking some grounders, only missed one (my first one) and made a bad throw after that, but had the coaches talking on my glove (I swear if I wasn’t a pitcher I would have been one hell of a shortstop because Im very fundamentally sound with my glove)

After that took some swings in the cage. My swing felt solid but I was late on alot of them and fouled them off. The ones I did make contact with was all hit back up the middle or to right field.

Best part of practice was throwing off the mound. I tried to keep my motion simple and calm. I struggled in the beginning with control (missing up and away alot). Once I settled down I was consistent in the strike zone and with my motion. Tried a couple curves and change ups and they were far from season ready either hanging or bouncing them in.

Following throwing I caught two bullpens and then went home.

Today I’m feeling sore but good, not pain at all and looking to throw alittle tomorrow.

Ordered a speed chain, TAP weighted balls (3.5 to 32oz) and a connection ball. Hoping to improve alot by using those tools.

Hopefully getting video up tomorrow.

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile. Busy with work and the family.

Finally got outside to throw today and try out all the stuff I ordered.

Warmed up using the Throwing Speed Chain:
Up and Down movement for 30 Seconds
Side to Side movement for 30 seconds
3x10 Throwing motion with feet in line with target

Used that just to get the blood flowing and my arm alittle warm.

Following that I used my TAP Weighted Balls for some underload/overload throwing in a circuit routine. All throws are done with feet parallel to target (in this case brick wall)

x20 with 5oz
x20 with 7oz
x20 with 3.5 oz

Completed that circuit 3 times for a total of 180 Throws

Feeling completely gassed from the weighted ball throwing I only made several throws with a real baseball to avoid over exerting myself with my first throwing session of the season.

Managed to snag two videos in 120 FPS (one with connection ball and one without)

I want to have my delivery like the one with the connection ball and you can see the difference between the two

In the video with the connection ball I:
Kept my elbow even with my shoulders (in without video it started above which caused it to drop below)
Kept my shoulders closed off longer/more

Couple things I need to work on:
Keeping arm action like the video with the connection ball
During follow through I pull my knee forward (sortof like I’m kicking)
Improving external rotation (will happen if I can keep elbow even with shoulders)