Building a Thunder from Down Under arm

Hello, my name is Aaron, and I reside in Sydney Australia.

Trying to get back to baseball in Australia because I missed the thrill of pitching back in middle school.

Unfortunately the only moments I remember in baseball was unintentionally walking the winning run bases loaded and a Hit-by-pitch at-bat (only kid to get to get to base in my team though I think).

Stats: 5"4 1/2’ and 150 pounds (looking to bulk up)
22YR Bat: L Pitch: R

For starters, what should I focus on practicing for at least 6 months? Mobility? Static exercises? Just pitching in general? My 1st video can be found on this link:

I’m gonna try recording my pitches weekly, but look at if I’m getting any better after months/years of practicing.

Hope to learn from this forum and good to meet you!


Pitchers throw, first and foremost, so I’d make sure to focus on throwing over the next 6 months - building the arm up. Whatever program you use, you want the interval to gradually build up to bullpen work in about 2 months. You can also do arm care exercises and start working on mechanics. I’s skip the mobility, strength training at this point. Focus on building your throwing base.

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Thanks for the reply Steven! Deeply appreciated.

What is a good throwing program for someone who is most likely training by himself? I found a bouncing target I can practice throwing to so the ball rebounds back to me. If it helps I like Eric Cressey and his work.

My arm strength is not great, so I’ll try to work on that via throwing I guess.

Played my first(+ second) competitive (social) baseball game in Australia. It’s nowhere near as competitive as the state baseball. Just need to make the arm a lot stronger by throwing hard and far (similar with baseball), and not worry about control.

Saturday game: 1st Hit! learning baserunning aggresively, and at RF, nothing happening but pop-ups to no-mans land. All the opposing team were RH. No pitching. Arm not sore afterwards, so band time.

Sunday game:
Same stats except 1 SO instead of hit and out at 1st.

But looking in the forum, I need to develop arm strength via throwing hard and long. At SS I struggle to throw to 1st and struggle to utilise hips and I end up throwing arm only.

Just wondering, does anyone here know of a good website decicated to hitting and fielding?

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Consistently hit infield flies, gonna have to work on rolling my wrists on the swing next baseball game.

It’s looking like I’m going to pitch next season for a different team it’s looking like.

And also need to work on warming up, did a hammy while stealing base. Wasn’t severe but I need to condition myself better next time.

In my opinion any good throwing program begins with arm care.
It is easy to get excited and go out and over due it. The throw from SS to 1st is not a terribly long one, the fact that you say you struggle with this means starting at a pretty basic level, which is fine. Just don’t over due it early and end up with a dead arm.
Ease into your throwing program. If you normally play weekends I would throw during the week and take Friday off except for a quick light throw if your arm is feeling tight.
I like the Jaeger model for long toss but there are many variations on throwing programs.
A full long toss for me means…1) Full body movement based warm up plus a quick job or some sprints (2) Arm circles (3) J-Bands (4)Plyo care ball throws (5) Some medicine ball work (6) A full long toss…this can run up to 45 minutes of throwing (7) Post throwing arm care work.
The nice about this sort of thing is it is easy adaptable to a persons schedule. So, if you don’t have an hour and half to dedicate to a full long toss session you can do a full body warm up and the long toss and be done in 40 minutes. If you arm is feeling tight you can spend more time on the arm care portions of it and do less throwing.
Bottom line, the best way to develop the arm for throwing is to throw. But just like any other activity you have to work your way into it.

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