Building a Bullpen

In the past year, I built a bullpen for our HS and MS programs to use at our city park. I am the HC at our MS. I have no background in actual field work other than doing my field duties in HS and College. I was a catcher, so I have spent a fair amount of time in the bullpen. So, I got dirt dropped, built a frame, anchored it and got to tamping. The mounds themselves are not bad at all, just need TLC that the HS kids do not give them (another story for another time).

I need suggestions on a backstop, catching area and any other suggestions possible to help finish my bullpen project. This is a very low budget project because it would come out of our baseball fund, not the city fund. We are in the poorest county in our state, so I am trying to do this myself and avoid paying an arm and a leg.

The ideas I had for a backstop was getting some ply wood and 4x4 (or whatever I needed) and creating an actual wall and finding some type of padding to add to it. Thought of maybe looking into rubber flooring mats that you would see in a weight room and cover the wall in those?

Welcome to the forum. It’s a great question. I have rubber floor mats in my garage gym – the horse stall mats you can get a Tractor Supply. They’re very inexpensive and great for floor applications, but I believe they’d be too heavy to mount.

I wonder if chain link fence panels or galvanized kennel panel would work and fit your budget? I’ve seen them at Lowes and Menards for about $150 per 6x10 ft panel.

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One more thing - these look like they could hold the panels effectively so you wouldn’t have to dig or use a home depot bucket filled with cement or something.

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My man! Thank you for the input! I am going to look into it and see what we can come up with. I thought about the chain link, and may even have some at the park the director would let me use. $150 is cheap for 6x10 ft of just about anything!

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@Coach-E do you really think$150 is cheap

it is