Build a big league pitching staff

Here’s a proposition: You are a general manager put together a pitching staff for your favorite big league team:

I am a life long Reds fan-so I great to put together a staff for Great American Ball Park (yippeee!)

Number 1 Starter: Power pitching righty with a great curveball.
Number2 Starter: Power Pitching Lefty with a great curve or change -up
Number 3 starter: Sinkerballing righty with a good slider
Number 4 starter: righty or lefty who best pitch is not his fastball
Number 5 starter: any guy who can give me innings, keep the ball down-maybe a specialty pitch pitcher.

Bull pen:
Closer who throws smoke
Set up man: Closer in waiting
Right handed Sinkerball specialist-may throw sidearm
Left handed curveball specialist
Long guy: Maybe a guy with a trick pitch or knuckleballer who can also start.


GABP is a launching pad. Routine fly balls go out of the park. Guys either have to be over powering or have a great groundball to fly ball ratio in order to be effective. In GABP you need to get cheap outs or strike outs because fly balls turn into homeruns. Ok anyone want to try their favorite big league team? Ian