Bthrowing arm loose or stiff?

hmmm kinda ranted a lil but i do wana know what coach and team


I didn’t mean to put you on the defensive, and I’m not diss’ing any of your accomplishments as a pitcher. I’m not a pitcher myself any more than Bert Sugar was a heavyweight fighter. But…we both know some things about the sports we’ve studied.

My mentor in pitching is Tom House. Tom played collegiately at USC for the great Rod Dedeaux, then went on to pitch for 9 years with the Braves, Red Sox, and Mariners. Tom coached pitchers within the Astros and Padres organizations, then he worked as head pitching coach for the Texas Rangers for 5 years. Of note, Nolan Ryan used part of his HOF induction speech in 1999 to praise Tom for the cutting edge training and conditioning that he brought to the Rangers’ pitching staff at the time. Tom founded the NPA about 7 years ago, and my son and I have worked regularly with him and his fine staff for the past 5 years. Over the past 3 years I’ve been doing quite a bit of technical video work for NPA pitchers and their coaches in parallel with my son’s training. Last August, USC announced that Tom had accepted an appointment as pitching coach for his alma mater–the USC Trojans. You should check out the Trojans’ pitching staff in 2008–my guess is they’ll be pretty good.