Bryce Ruggeroli Pitching Analysis

My initial reactions are that you use your legs very well and overall have solid mechanics from the waist down. Two things that I see are your glove arm and back elbow. With your lead arm, it seems like it is so high up that it is blocking your eyes. Even that moment when you can’t see your target can impact your command. That lead arm is overhyped and actually doesn’t do as much as many people say it does. The purpose is the lead then get the hell out of the way. Maybe try having that glove arm out in front of your chest a little to stay closed then instead of tugging it closed, just fold it… if that makes sense. My metaphor is like a chicken wing where you fold it to your chest. As for your lead arm, It looks like youre guiding it all the way through your arm path. Definitely get that ball down, then pull up with your elbow and the ball layback behind your head. This involves getting really into your scaps in your back and letting your arm naturally whip back then fire. Work on these and try to get them in unison with your legs. Make sure it feels natural. Pitch from the ground all the way up to your fingertips! Good luck!

I noticed my arm doesn’t move efficiently through my motion. I’ll try out the chicken wing on my front side as you we’re saying. Thanks for the criticism.