Bryce Harper: Self-inflicted injury, 10 stitches

This is good stuff.

Mr. Entitled. Super competitive, super immature…healthy mix of both I think.

You guys are so rough on a guy that is still growing up. If he had gone through college and then came out the the same attitude would you be all over him like this?

Yes. He lost me with the eye black nonsense…look at me!! look at me!! Its pathetic for a guy with that much talent. My attitude wont change unless he finds his way onto the Dodgers, then all will be forgiven.


I think everyone hates him because he is so talented, so what he hit a bat on the wall and gashed his face. He still went back out there.

We know he’s a teen, but he should have made some attitude decisions when he signed to the pros.

In his defense, I bet more pros do these kinds of things than you think. No one notices because they have slightly better aim… you know Ted Williams would punch things all the time when he got angry (with his left hand).

Although with all the hype Harper gets, you’d think the bat would go through the wall :wink:

From the article, it sounds like it was accidental injury. He’s 19. He’ll get better at breaking his bat and hitting things in angry as he progresses in his career. :lol:

I gotta say I was kinda shocked that no one brought this one up on this thread…

How about Lawrie from TO flipping out and throwing the helmet on the field and subsequently the helmet hits the Ump… He’s getting 4 games for it.

He’s only a few years older (22) then Harper (19) and is supposed to be the future of Toronto, so similar expectations and hype on him.

Not as big of a deal cause its not Harper, or cause it happened in a small market?

If you have never responded to frustration by breaking something with a bat then you are missing out on a life experience. When I was a kid, sometimes I got my cue to cut my visit short at a friend’s house when I started hearing loud screaming and glass breaking. Today they call that domestic violence, then I would go home and tell mom that the neighbors were having a discussion.

Hey at least he didn’t throw the bat at the umpire or make racist threats toward a poor beggar. Who would do that?