Bryce Harper and Luke 1:37

I received the new issue of Baseball America in the mail today. Bryce Harper is featured on the cover nicely attired in his Southern Nevada uniform . He has the typical upside down Oakley sunglasses perched on the brim of his hat. Straddling his shoulders held behind his neck is a Marucci model CU26 PRO black in color. This is a quality bat used by hundreds of pros and fashioned from “pristine Pennsylvania lumber”. Not coincidentally the trademark on the bat is facing the camera and so is the personalized custom lettering burned into the barrel. The interesting thing is that most owners who take the time to personalize their bat, place their name here. Instead, this bat reads, “Luke 1:37”

Now I can’t say for sure that this bat belongs to Bryce but the message was intentionally sent, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

I bring this to your attention because society seems to adore raw talent yet it ignores the fuel that runs the engine so to speak. An athlete under the kind of pressure Bryce Harper is under has to have a foundation otherwise the first storm that comes along will blow him away. I would submit to you that Harper appears to not only have the talent but he’s got the makeup to succeed in professional baseball. What teen could be so humble as to take the focus away from himself and place it on a belief system on the cover of one of the most important baseball media outlets? I mean, that takes real guts if you ask me.

See if you can apply that to your situation.

You know I’m not a Christian myself (still well read in christian scripture though) but the humbleness that Bryce has is just amazing, and anyone who has the courage to put their beliefs out on the line like that is worth admiration.

Nice observation, Dino. My teammate, whose name was Luke and is now a scout for the Cubs, had the same “Luke 1:37” on the barrel of his bats.