Bryan F 16yo Video Analysis



hello bryan,there is a couple of things that u needs to work on: 1) work on to not flying open (ur front foot is landing straight pointing to the catcher)u need a 45 degree angle 2)timing ur landing feet with ur throwing arm need to be a 90 degree angle at the time ur feet touch the ground 3)not landing on ur heel that make u throw the ball up…u need to land on the inside front side of ur foot …work on good luck


I don’t like hiding the ball behind the hip and then popping it up at FP. That puts a lot of stress on the elbow

I like the leg lift height but I think the foot needs to be closer to the body when it comes down. You bring you LL up and then it doesn’t look like you generate much power bc it comes straight down and out to FFP in bit of gate swing with your lift leg. I see very little hip lead when you raise your LL… lift, and start moving to the plate when the LL comes off the ground with the hips leading until you feel like you are about to fall.

Your plant foot should be pointed at the plate (no more than 10° closed from neutral) and landing on a line that runs from the ankle of back leg to the plate. Your’s is too open at FFS. You are pitching from the L side of the rubber but your plant foot lands to the right of the center line and then your foot is landing open. It also looks like you have some strength issues with your legs. Work on landing with the foot closer to flat.