Bryan Acree (13) Video Analysis


Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


His right arm seems a little awkward, but that’s not important at all.
However, how hard is he throwing, because it seems like his leg kick, plant and then throwing are all detached and not very fluid. (I do something similar) I’m not sure if that matters to you or him but just something to keep in mind.


It looks like he comes to a stop at the top of his knee lift that seems to be limiting his momentum coming forward. My suggestion would to get moving forward earlier and faster. The Hershiser drill would be a really good starting point. Obviously the video does not show how hard he is throwing, but it looks like with his build there is plenty more in the tank. I would also add for a game situation he doesn’t seem to be throwing with a lot of intent. Getting moving faster will help, but you may want to add some run and gun throws to his routine to get the feeling of throwing with more explosion and intent. Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t clocked him yet.


He does have plenty left in the tank. I’ve been trying to get him to use more of his lower half and to be more explosive. Thanks for the feedback!!