Brutal bicep pain

Okay I’m not a pitcher but I don’t know where else to go. I’m 15 and I catch pens and innie outtie twice a week and every time I throw even remotely hard my inner bicep about 3 inches above my elbow hurts like crazy, it gets to a point where I can barely lift my arm and even lifting a sweater is impossible, ill ice my arm but the entire next day it will be sore. Any suggestions?

Have you been to a doctor?

Very sorry to hear that. Yes, definitely see a doctor, as this type of pain isn’t normal.

Sounds like muscle sprain in bicep…son recently had same feeling after making a quick throw from first to third…and after seeing the doctor he basically said on that part of the arm theres bone and bicep…no ligaments or tendons to damage or sprain. .prescribed arriosti treatment and rest…my son had recently undergone Tommy John at 17 and has worked hard getting back to 88 mph but for now he will take a break…good luck

Definitely consult a doctor for an exact diagnosis. In the mean time, feel around your bicep for any knots in your muscle, I have personal problems with the bicep when I pitch in the same spot you described. Take a lacrosse ball or golf ball and rub down the entire bicep. If you feel a knot concentrate on the spot and attempt to break it up. Then work top and bottom of the spot. Keep icing and don’t throw anymore until you’re not experiencing any pain.