Bruised Fastball

Neat article!

It is interesting watching the cat and mouse game. I never could understand not looking and feeling the ball for any advantage. It’s interesting to watch a pitcher throw a nasty pitch and the Ump gets the ball and places/ pitches it out of the game. I know when I pitched sometimes you could get a ball with a perfect scuff/mark and it does make a big difference with certain pitches. Watching College ball , most pitchers don’t even bother to look. Not so in Pro Ball.

Gaylord Perry had a nice career, made a good living throwing everything he didn’t get kicked out for. I have seen him nearly stripped down looking for prohibited substances…and getting the heave for said substances…Made it an art form…I’d bet crafty vets like David Wells still manage a slice, cut or a skuff here and there…and you better bet those guys from Cuba know how to get an edge in that manner.