Broken humerus comeback

So have there been baseball players who broke their humerus bone and after healing it threw again? Just wondering…It does not have to be a pitcher …it could be a position player…Too much torque causes this?
My friend just did it and I am curious of any comeback stories…

Not necessarily humerus injuries but arm/elbow injuries nonetheless…

Steve Delabar’s elbow injury was about as bad as they come but his story is about as inspirational as they come:

Steve Delabar Story

Also, Google Dodger outfielder “A. J. Pollock” who broke his arm when he was with the D-backs.

hello hope this thread isn’t to old, but just ran across it. My son broke his elbow at 14 pitching, had orif surgery to repair and lost about 20 degrees extension in his arm. He made it back as a shortstop his freshman season last year. Was really focused on hitting and fielding and was doing good, made Varsity as a freshman and hit his first high school homerun. Then one week before state playoffs while doing some simple equal and opposite throwing drills he snapped his humerus. Long story short its less then a year ago and through short memory he is practicing full on and ready for season next month. I say short memory because I believe and two orthos believe this injury to be healed easily, mentally learning to forget the sound and feeling is the hard part. Guess you have to ask yourself how much you love to play. Now you have to remember not all humerus breaks are the same. His was mid shaft , one at elbow or shoulder would probably be worse. Anyway hope this helped a little.

I just saw this topic. Broke my humerus 7 weeks ago throwing a fastball, last game of season, bottom 5th, 2 outs, 0-2 count…just trying to waste some high heat and…SNAP! Since I’m 62 there probably won’t be a comeback, but I do have plans to play lots of golf, swim, lift weight, etc, so hoping to regain full function. Interested to hear other peoples’ experience.