Broken Finger

Hey everyone. KCDawgjr finally returned to play this past weekend. He had an elbow injury last year (growth plate separation) which he successfully rehabbed (more than 2 months of no throwing and then no pitching during fall ball). He tried out for and made a higher level team (14U AAA USSSA tournament team) in the fall and they played their first tournament this past Friday thru Sunday.

Well, it was great all around through the first 3.5 games. He pitched 1 inning (1 walk, 1 hit, and a double play ground ball to end the inning) in pool and had an awesome tourney at the plate. Then, in the second half of the fourth game, a ground ball took a bad hop and smashed his right ring finger. It tore off part of the nail and just looked awful. So, other than one more at bat (during which he was able to pull a walk), he was done for the day. He was extremely bummed when he found out that he was scheduled to start the championship game, but was obviously excited for his team to take home the trophy.

After the games and a celebratory Subway sandwich, we made it home and took the bandage off his hand to see how things looked. Swelled/bloody/awful/painful all are apt descriptions. We took him to the urgent care where they did x-rays and told us that he had broken his right, ring-finger’s distal phalanx which is the bone at the end of the finger underneath the nail. They also drilled a hole in the nail to let some of the blood out to relieve the pressure. They say 4-6 weeks for the bone to completely heal and that he will probably lose his fingernail.

The doctor told him that as long as he didn’t take another direct shot to the finger that there shouldn’t be any additional damage. So, he’s been given the great light to play again once the pain and swelling subside. They gave him a couple of splints with different levels of mobility and suggested buddy taping the gimpy finger to one of the others. Once the swelling goes down it really will be all about his pain management.

Any one else had – or seen – this type of injury? How long were you out and did you have any issues afterward? How soon could you come back and pitch and did the finger issues cause any other issues with your pitching?

I don’t want him to come back too soon, but I know he’ll start pushing to go again pretty quickly. Any information or experience that you can share is appreciated.

KC, I didn’t see this post when it first came out…bummer, hows he doing now? My sons team has had 3 major injuries and they have played all but one tournament with 9 players…should have 10 this weekend.

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