Broken curveball

I would really really appreciate a video of a pitcher throwing a curveball in slow motion.

I mean i cant throw one with a sharp break what so ever, i stay on top of the ball and i follow through and snap but it comes out looping which gets crushed.

Maybe i can learn from video analysis.

im 19 btw so i think it is time i learned a breaking ball. Please stay on the topic and dont refer changeups or forkballs because i throw those. Im looking to learn a curve
thank you

Hate to break it to you, but the bottom line is this: if throwing a hammer of a curve was easy to do, then every pitcher would throw one. Not every pitcher has been blessed with the ability to throw a good curve. That is why you see pitchers turn to “the other” breaking pitch: the slider. You’re at the age where your arm should be able to handle the stress of throwing it, and it is not as difficult to throw as a good curve.

I throw a loopy curveball that comes in at 67-70 mph. If used correctly, it still can be efficient. I have found that it is useful early in the count against first pitch hackers and as a get-me-over strike. Most hitters will not be swinging at off-speed on the first or second pitch of an at-bat It can also be used to backdoor hitters when you get deeper into counts.

It all comes down to the quality of your other pitches. If your other pitches are solid and can get swing-and-misses, then you don’t need a hammer. If you need a strikeout pitch, then a slider may be the way to go. Ultimately the decision is up to you.