Broke my humerus while pitching

35 years old, pitching in a competitive mens league.

Had thrown about 30 innings or so on the year, no tenderness, soreness, my arm actually felt pretty good.

Threw a fastball and it caused a spiral fracture of the humerus. It was very Tony Saunders and Dave Dravecky’ish.

Went to the doctor…I had no previous signs of any injury. They’ve checked for any sort of pathological issues and haven’t found any. They did a bone density test and all was well.

I just got the cast off and am in a sling. The bone seems to be healing nicely. I didn’t have to have surgery and put any screws or plates in my arm.

So, my questions…

  1. Does anyone know of any other people that have went through this injury that would be willing to talk to me? I’ve been able to find one individual but I’d like to talk to a few more. While it is rare, it happens more than I had expected when I first started doing my research. I’d like to get to know of their rehab experiences, how well they could throw again, etc. And kind of like a support group…it was kind of scary. :slight_smile:

  2. I’m in St. Louis, but location doesn’t matter at this point. Do any of you know any doctors that have a lot of experience with this injury due to throwing? My doctor is very good and he’s doing a great job but I’d really like to eventually work with someone who has specialized in a few of these cases. Additionally, anybody that has experience with this kind of rehab, physical therapy, biomechanic changes, etc.

Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts.


P.S. Typing left handed is hard. :smiley:

I googled this
& this

seems like some info.