Broke foot

OK so here is the deal!!! I think i may have broke my foot today and i am in the middle of workin on pitching and stuff for off season… and i know its just off season but i think its one of the most important times for me at least… Is there anything that i can do that doesnt require much standing or what not so i dont loose what i have been workin so hard for already!!

Well you could start out by just sucking it up lol jk

Ill get you some surgical tubing and teach you some exercises and that should help.

haha lol u have no idea how hard he through that ball!!! lol and i killed my foot!!! lol thanks… i got some tubing but it would help to teach me some tips and stuff…

If any 1 else has anything!! Let me know!!!

Knee drill. Pitch from your knees with knees/hips at about 45 degrees to your partner. Work on hip & shoulder separation, equal & opposite arms, firming up and stabilizing the glove.

OK Thank you so much!