Broad Shoulders

After coming home for the holiday season, i’ve received many remarks from family regarding my body composition, specifically my developed “broad” shoulders. Does this help with pitching? In what way?

Your strenght and conditioning, partnered with your diet and nutrition routines are now showing physical appearance.

In addtion, the upper body’s Shoulder Platform (remember those) housing the most flexible joints in the human body, also house some of the most fragile. In the upper shoulder alone, your clavicle connected to the scapula which is jointed by the humerus, which invites the glenoid and the rotator cuff area and so on are so complimented to one another that careful train’g and use should warrant a study of these Platform Components in depth. (remember)

And as if these parts and attached components were not enough, the elbow and wrists, hand and fingers offers even greater flexibility. Great assets when nurished and trained right!

Now to address your question directly - yes, with stamina and tolerance, pitch after pitch, inning after inning. The Shoulder Platform is load bearing and stress management. I hesitate to mention pitch velocity in the same sentence, only because your ENTIRE body pitches, not giving credit to just broad shoulders.

Keep a steady training table, do your strength and conditioning faithfully, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and reasonable sleep management. Keep that machine feed with timely nutrition - calories balanced nutrition, constantly eat, eat, eat.

Your pitch inventory should be addressing itself with more definition, your own style and identifying you as a type of pitcher. Bring the heat, articulate the breaking stuff and carry a magic bag of off-speed and junk.
Now that your developing that Shoulder Platform - USE IT!

Coach B.

** this stuff sounds familar, doesn’t it.