Bring it All Together

Bring the following topics together, and all the avenues that every response took, and you’ll have an outstanding glimse into just one phase of the skull sessions that pitchers have to deal with.

General Pitching Advice: Runners on the Corners.
General Pitching Advice: How to Set Up Batters.
General Pitching Advice: The Same Pitch Twice.

I deliberately seperated the next one, so as not to impress or influence remarks on the other subjects. To Zita’s credit she picked up on the topic being off classification - but went with the flow. I sensed she started to put things in persepective with the subjects mentioned (above) and thought " somethings up", when this topic (below) hit the pavement.

Off-Topice Dugout: Questions for a Pitcher.

Coach B.

You go, Coach B! I saw these seemingly disparate topics as aspects of strategic pitching, which happens to be my particular area of expertise. So you picked up on what I had picked up—talk about being on the same wavelength. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: