Bring back stirrups!

It was nice to see some of the CWS baseball teams wearing stirrups at Omaha. While most teams have gone with longer, baggier baseball pants – I’m still a huge fan of some “old school” baseball stirrups!

Bring. Them. Back! :slight_smile:

i guess i’m definately not old school, I like the baggy pants, last time I wore stirrups I was 10.

Arizona State often wears the short just-below-the-knees pants which is also old school. But, yeah, stirrups would be cool to see again.

I’ve got some stirrups on order right now, hopefully they get here before I leave for the district tourney this afternoon.

My high school’s rule is that you have to wear stirrups and you’re pants have to be up! Lakewood High School, California

where can i get stirups? I’ve always wanted a pair