Breaking in a new glove


how do you guys like to break in a new glove? I just got a new wilson a2000 dp15. so fare ive just hit it with a mallet on the break points and pocket, worked the leather with my hands and played catch. do you guys like to put a ball in the pocket and wrap it with rubber bands? i dont want to damage my glove in any way. thanks!


My son has two Wilson gloves - P and 1B - and we:

  1. Apply Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner
  2. Use the glove
  3. Keep a baseball or softball in it when not in use and wrap glove in old white cotton t-shirt
  4. Position ball in different parts of the pocket every few days
  5. At end of season clean glove with damp cloth and reapply conditioner lightly if needed


One of the first things that was very common was this:

1 Saddle soap the glove first, then let dry in a shaded spot, with a temp no less than 75.
2.“Break the back” by pulling the sides - thumb side and pinky finger side, as far back as they can go, thus
actually popping the pocket of the glove outward.
3 Let sit until completely dry.
4 Dust the inside of the glove - where your hand slips in, with talcum powder, lightly.
5 Play catch with the glove and find it’s pocket zone.

The talcum powder is usually used after every use. This way, the sweat from you hand will not be absorbed by the leather. Your hand sweat has body oils and other secretions that will stiffen the leather and over time.

Every glove has a pocket zone that you influence every time you play catch. Some players use only the webbing to catch the ball, while others use a combination of webbing and some of the pocket. In any event, find what’s comfortable for you and break in the gloves playability for that pocket zone.


thanks for the suggestion!


thats a unique way to break in a glove, ive never seen that before. doesnt the talcum powder build up after a while?


The purpose of talc, is not necessarily designed to break a glove in. It’s use can be to reduce the hand sweat deteriorating the inside leather of a glove. I should note that this is rather old school, and not many players today use this technique.

To answer your question directly:
Dusting the inside of the glove with talc only puts a thin coating on the palm and finger sections. In fact, as the talc is dusted on the palm section, inserting the hand into the glove, has the fingers picking up some of the talc and working just enough into the finger wells of the glove.

In fact, as the glove is used, then removed, and reuse during a game, the talc is completely drawn out of the glove.

In any event, the purpose of the talc is to protect the inside portion of the glove from the sweat of the hand. A dusting is all that’s needed, nothing more.


This guy is the man when it comes to breaking in gloves.


i basically did everything in the video but without the water before i asked lol. i just wanted to see what other people said. thanks!


I had never used the hot water before on any of my gloves, but I found that video of Mr Aso. And tried it on my son’s glove as I was having a difficult time building the pocket. The key is the temp and not to soak the glove. It was like magic. Good luck.