Breaking in a glove

Recently I’ve brought a new glove and I used a method which I suppose is a new method that will form gloves pocket safely and quickly.

Firstly you have to prepare some glove oil, a baseball, a black bag (not plastic) the glove bag will be good, a hot place (such as the car under the sun etc.) and a mallet.

1.) Oil your whole glove including the the back, palm, pocket and especially the laces, less oil should be applied on the back.

2.) Place your glove inside the bag and tighten the string.

3.) Put your glove inside the car under the sun with the thumb and the pinky facing down for about 4 hours.

4.) Take your glove out and start forming the pocket, you would like to use your mallet after the pocket starting to form, change to using a baseball ball by throwing it with your right hand onto your glove or right hand on left hand.

5.) You could repeat the process for a softer glove, but preferably you should start playing catch after only one forming process.

6.) Remember do not rush the process, take your time since using this method already save you up a lot of time.

Important note: Before placing the glove inside the car, you must oil the glove including the laces. If not the glove will dry out and the glove will lose it’s durability and elasticity.

The leather will cool down after the process and return to it’s original firmness but you already have the pocket formed so your glove will be ready for some catching.

Maintenance: You have to oil your glove regularly and remember oiling your glove is not to make it shiny or clean. It is for giving the leather elasticity and strength, just like when the cow is still alive, the cow will naturally give out oil under their skin. When they lose this ability since it is a glove now, we have to do this from them by oiling it.