Breaking hands?

Ok i went to a camp lead by college coaches and they said that i thould break my hands when my leg is coming up. they said by not doing that im losing mph cuz im trying to “catch up” with my body. So do any of you break your hands when your leg is coming up and how is it working are you throwing hard or no? And what are your general thoughts about this type of pitching?

Ask them if these guys did it wrong and lost velocity because of it.

Nolan Ryan

Or Scott Kazmir

Or Randy Johnson

Actually, I’d like to know who actually breaks the hands with the knee on the way up.

I’m surprised that these college coaches have a job. That’s terrible advice with no backing.

NO! Terrible advice. I would much rather have a pitcher break late than early. If you break that early, your arm is going to be slow to the plate because it has to wait for the body to catch up. At least breaking late forces your arm to be fast.
Breaking on time to me is ideally before your knee comes back down to parallel with the ground.
When I show pitchers themselves on tape, we just focus on breaking over the rubber. In other words with the when your hands break your body should still be over the rubber and not rushing to the plate. Your lead leg could be pretty much anywhere except well into the stride. Watch MLB pitchers in slow mo and see where they break.

i think the glove and stride leg knee synchronize in a typical wind up. when the knee comes down the glove comes down. when the glove reaches about the belt the hands break naturally and continuously and it’s that simple. had one other experienced baseball guy teach the kick-them-apart approach. i think it is extremely difficult to stay balanced and synchronize your motion.

I agree with Dusty here. I think its important to maintain the balance and synchronized movements of upper body and lower body.

If you start breaking your hands while the leg is on the way up, its going to be a lot harder to get the Frontside hip/leg to lead the way without slowing your arm down.

I remember when my son started pitching, the pitching coach had my son break his hands, earlier-higher up in the " breaking the egg over the knee process". Instead of bring his hands down–past his belly button, he broke his hands earlier–right before his belly button. The coach wanted him to break earlier and bring his throwing hand straight back–instead of down and circle back around.

How did that work for him? Does he still do it

My son presently has the problem i believe of the arm being behind the body and I was thinking of breaking the hands as the knee comes up. I hear mostly negagtive on this opinion from you guys. You cant compare mechanics to MLB because they have a higher level of body-hand coordination. I hope we can get more discussion on this and not just negative, if there is someone to play devils advocate.

We dont want straight back to cock position, we want down and back to cock position right?

Ok worked with my son today, and breaking the hands as the knee comes up is a bad idea… rofl. I remedied it by adjusting the leg lift. Looks good in practice. Will have to test in the game.

i disagree with that advice, but they may want you to break your hands earlier because you might have an up tempo delivery, but a long and slow arm action. if this isn’t the case then they should be out of a job.

Hand break seems to be a matter of preference and really affects timing.
Lincecum, Sabathia, and I think Wells are a few of the guys who just break and drop their hand and let it sort of “dangle”, there are others are break later and keep their back arm up. Dr. Marshall has his guys take the ball out palm up and maintain that until they throw.
Wolforth, Strom, Nyman et al. want an efficient arm action with little wasted movement and therefore they might say break later. Check some of the best, longest lasting pitchers, and see what they do.

let your knee reach it’s highest point then break your hands. Breaking before is weird, breaking after your foot is at it’s lowest point messes up the timing…your lower body would be way ahead and out of sync with your upper body. So you want to break your hands during the “in between area” of your highest point of the knee lift and before your stride foot is lowered and reaching out to land.

Breaking the hands vs getting the arm up are two different things. You can see pitchers break their hands after their knee reaches its highest point but get their pitching hand moving up when they are a foot or less away from their landing spot.

if you have it timed right you will feel balanced while riding the load on the back leg into landing.