Breaking Balls

What type generally end up being more effective? A 12-6 type top to bottom or ones with more tilt like a 2-8ish type?

whichever one gets people out is the best one to use.

for example, jamie moyer threw 74-80 mph fastballs and carried a 1 hitter into the 8th. so using your question, everyone should throw a 74 mph fastball with movement.

it’s different for everyone. whatever gets people out is what you use.

Good point haha.

Well think about what type of pitcher you are. I mean look at a guy like Mariano Rivera he would look stupid throwing a big looping curveball like Mike Mussina, the curve works for Moose but not Mo and the big Cutter works for Mo but not for Moose, two different types of pitchers and two different sets of pitches.

Yeah i get what your sayin. Thanks for the help

Make sure you can throw strikes with it to

i was always taught a 2 way curve (1-7,2-8) is harder to hit then a one way curve (12-6)

It depends to guys that bat from the same side you do the 2-8 can be very effective. The 12-6 can too, but willl not make them bail out like the 2-8. With the 12-6 you are counting on them to swing over the top of it.

For guys batting opposite what you throw, the 2-8 is a real liabilty. It does not have much downward break and is coming in to them so they get a real good look at it-not so good. Proabably best used to back door a curve ball but this takes a lot of practice!

Also the break on your curve is a function of arm slot unless you are hooking your wrist a good way to develope arm trouble, Ian.

When you say hooking the wrist, do u meen the turning the door handle comparison?

It depends a 12-6 will get you as a pitcher a lot of swinging strikes since hitters will chase it out of the zone becuase of its downward angle. a 2-8 will get you more called strikes because since it has less downward action to it it will more often catch the strike zone. Overall it depends on your arm slot. I think that a 12-6 is harder to pick up though, but a 2-8 is more likely to buckle a same side hitter

[quote=“ian demagi”]

Also the break on your curve is a function of arm slot unless you are hooking your wrist a good way to develope arm trouble, Ian.[/quote]

No i meant that i quite didnt understand what you meant about hooking the wrist. Can you help me out on what you meant on that.

Just whatever gets out s

Sorry-lots of double headers:

When you throw a curveball your wrist should be in a straight line with your forearm and extended naturally. To hook your wrist you would bend it forward-kinda like an upside down “L” this will change the inflection of the spin. Guys that throw 3/4’s do this to get a 12-6 break instead of a natural 1-7. This will lead to injury IMHO. I hope you can picture this from my discription, Ian.

my curve is weird, it goes 3-9

thats a hitter’s pitch right there. i would fix it.

I got it thanks Ian. I kinda do that with my wrist but i havent had any injuries from the curve so hopefully ill be alright. why does it cause injury?

the twisting and snappin gof your wrist puts strain on your elbow

i can throw mine with good speed and break without snapping