Breaking balls

I can’t control any off-speed pitches. I tried them all, but i can’t control them. My fb is perfect. Any tips?

I wish mine was… that’s a pretty bold and definitive statement.

Have you tried going back and throwing the LL Curve and working your way up from there again?

“70mph fb
61mph slider
50 mph change”

When you say can’t control them do you mean throw them for strikes? 20 mph difference from a change to fb is a mighty fine difference…don’t expect it to be a strike, let it hit the dirt, if when you throw it, it looks like your fb, then you will strike out everyone in sight. And for the slide piece, same thing…figure this…you are throwing strikes with the fb, and both the slider and change should look just like a fb, so the batter sees a fb looking pitch and has to assume you are controlling it like you seem to do on all of your fastballs…if the slider breaks out of the zone you’ll either get a poor bat strike or swinging strike…All pitchers should have your problem there slick. You just have to think about it as a dominant pitcher should think about things…At your age having a change and a slider is pretty good just to be able to throw them…It’s just absolutely critical that you make them look like your fb and watch the W’s roll in. That is unless both are obvious and hitting the backstop, then you have another issue all together.

I’ve never seen a change 20 mph slower without a slowed down arm.

Just a thought.

try a palmballl. It works.

I’d be shocked to see that much speed difference without slowing the arm speed, even on a palmball, I used to throw one. It was about 12 mph slower but impossible to consistantly command.

Oh wow 20 MPH difference, never noticed that. Thanks for bringing that up JD.

I’m willing to bet as Hammer said you’ve slowed down your arm, or something else in your mech’s, maybe even your entire delivery.

How about the more important thing here.

A 7th Grader throwing a SLIDER?!?!?!

[quote=“slurve22”]Posted: Dec 16, 2007, 3:01 PM Post subject: 7th vs 8th

I’m in 7th…[/quote]

I have to post here real quick. In the chat the other day, slurve22 told me he threw a slurve which was supposedly the nastiest pitch ever…

So he throws a slurve, a slider, a perfect fastball, and his change is 20 mph slower than his fastball and he’s a frosh in high school…

Edit: He’s in 7th grade…I could have swore he said he was a freshman in high school…

I’m sorry.

But you either have to:

  1. Learn to lie
  2. Just stop lying all together.
  3. Stop playing in a fantasy world where you godmode like crazy.

No 7th grader could EVER throw those pitches and how well you claim you do.

Never. Never. Never. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

sorry for any confusion i may have caused. I lied to NPA about my age. I have thrown my palmball with the 20mph difference, but i can’t control it well. I play arround with a slider, which sometimes turns into a slurve. It’s ok, but i don’t throw it often. sorry again.

Videotape yourself… Take notice to any changes in your mechanics when throwing an off speed pitch…

Other then that, the other members have provided some great insight…

Slurve, lying to the forum will get you much disrespect and ignored. The people that write here on this site, really try to give the best of what they know and help where they can. It’s sort of a trust, by lying you ruin that trust.
In the future you’ll find that you get respect when you are honest and try to improve the skills you really have. It’s ok to need to develop, all pitchers and I mean all need to develop, there is no shame in that.

My thoughts exactly JD :applause:

“Tis easier to suffer the truth, than live a lie.”

I agree with that statement. No more replies from me.

ok guys, sorry for breaking the trust. I do have the change, but i sometimes hang it. I control my fb well, but it moves poorly. I experimented with a slider/slurve, but my dad banned it.