Breaking ball

I’m going in to high school next year and want to add a breaking ball right now I throw a 4 seam fastball, 2 seam/sinking fastball and change up.

I throw a knuckle curve and it can be a 1-7 or 12-6 depending on your arm slot. Mine is a 12-6. I’ve heard knuckle curves are easier on your arm because there is really no twisting of the arm to get that spin for the ball to break, only you have to rotate over top of the ball. That is why I guess my pitching instructor taught me the knuckle curve. I guess you could just hold the ball with a regular curve grip and come over the ball but for me I don’t get as much break on the ball. Just my 0.2

If you learn to throw a curveball properly there should be no more stress placed on your arm than there is when throwing a fastball. Just try them all out and see what works best and go from there. Personally I throw an over the top curve, its 11-5 right now. I’ve experimented with a knucklecurve, I’ve gotten the break but I cannot control it very well.

my knuckle curve also is a 12-6 or 1-7 depending on how i throw it. i get good brake and it doesnt put any stresss on my arm. YOu don’t really have to snap or torque it much at all to get good break if u get on top of it.

Your curve is greatly effected by your arm slot. Over the top 12 to 6, high 3/4s probably 1 to 7, low 3/4’s 2 to 8.

This is unless you start hooking your wrist which can lead to arm problems. Knuckle Curve’s like Burt Hootens take long strong fingers; I am not sure early high school pitchers can pull this off. The cutter is a one plane breaking pitch that glides more than snaps. Ian

Good comments from Ian.

I say don’t rely on others to tell you what to throw. Figure out what works best for you and go with it.

Ive just started using knuckleballs and hav to say that its a great breaking ball. Its the most confusing pitch Ive thrown(I mean confusing to batters).