Breaking Ball: Pulling Down V Snapping

I’ve heard this phrase often as too how pulling down is the safe way to throw a breaking ball. I still don’t fully understanding what it means and how to teach my self to do it with muscle memory and how can I tell if I am pulling down or snapping. Thanks

i believe snapping would refer to throwing your breaking ball starting the same as any other throw, but then “snapping” your wrist/arm to give the ball it’s breaking movement. pulling down would refer to throwing the ball with your hand in a neutral position throughout the full movement. a grip as if you were pulling down a rope from above you. i was told from a young age that this was a safer method and my coaches taught me it to add a curveball to my arsenal without damaging myself as much as the other kids that were trying to throw curveballs. it worked great and i caught a lot of people swinging even into my high school years.

Easiest way to explain it IMHO

Pulling down = swinging a hammer down like trying to hit nail into a board on the ground

Snapping = turning a door knob to open a door