Breaking Ball Movement


I throw a slurve which I hold like a slider and snap like a curve, problem is the consistency of the movement isn’t controllable. Sometimes I’ll get a vertical oriented break and others more lateral. Any help on finding a common ground?


I’d start by looking for consistency throughout the earlier part of your delivery. Do you maintain a stable posture? Is your timing consistent? Etc.


Are you experiencing this lack of consistency during games, just tossing back and forth, off flat ground or mounds?

Consistency can be impacted big time in the amateur game by the surface that your pitching off of. Holes, uneven slants on the downward slope, sandy mounds with little or no integrity can alter everything from body motion -before-during and after your delivery.


yes I’m very attentive to my mechanics, I feel as though the problem lies somewhere in my release but I’m not entirely sure


A bit mor consistent on flat ground (more of a vertical/diagonal break) than on the mound which is just random


Ok, that’s some good narration on your experience(s). It would really be helpful - going both ways, if we could see you actually pitch. If you could do a back view, both sides, then a frontal view, that would be great.

Try and get as close as possible. Far off phone cameras do little for the process.




Okay, how can I upload a video? I’ll be sure to record one during my next bullpen session, hopefully this week. Currently recovering from an ingrown nail on my middle finger throwing hand :sob:



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