Breaking ball /index finger pressure

Anyone here throw their breaking ball (slider/curve) by breaking it off with the pressure exerted more on the index finger than the ring finger? I’ve been messing around with it in practice and it looks like I’m getting a sharper, later break … previously, by using the more traditional middle-finger pressure by curve is either a hanger or it breaks way too early and guys lay off it for a ball.

Slider is suppose to be thrown off the index finger anyway. Just like a football. You should pronate your slider as well, again, just like a football.

Like so much of this stuff it’s all about results…lots of different ways to get there. However, for me…the hook AND slider were all about the middle finger.

i “spike” my slider, you know?
i hold my ring finger along the laces, but point my index finger into the ball. i think it gives it better spin