Breaking ball help

ok so im going down to washington for a babe ruth baseball tournement in about 4 weeks. So far i have been pitching realllllly good against my rival canadian teams (no losses 3 shutouts 1 no hitter in 7 starts E.R.A about 2.00) and my change was so good i gave up trying to learn a breaking ball but im assuming the teams from the states will be more difficult to pitch to so im looking to add one now. Could you guys give me some ideas on witch kind of breaking ball I should try and tips to help me. oh and i cant throw a curve I have tried so anything else would be aprreciated thanks :smiley:

A lot of pitchers who can’t get anywhere with a curve ball often do very well with a slider, so you might consider it. The slider is easier to throw and to control, and you don’t use one of those extreme grips the way you have to for a forkball or a splitter. The slider grip is almost like a two-seamer but very much off-center, with both index and middle fingers very close together and the middle finger just touching one seam, with the thumb underneath for support. My wise and wonderful pitching coach of long ago told me “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it”—and I took that to mean ease up on it, because I threw my curve with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap; think of a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe—easy does it. The slider became my strikeout pitch, and you never know, it could be the same for you.
I saw C.C. Sabathia shut out the Rays 1-0 this afternoon. His repertoire is basically fastball-slider-changeup, with an occasional curve ball thrown in. The fastball-slider-change is one of the deadliest combos known to any pitcher, and I think you’ll do well with it. :baseballpitcher:

I like Zita’s advice but only if you can’t figure out the curveball first.

Here’s how I throw mine.

-Grip along the seam with middle fingertip pressing on the horseshoe.
-Start with wrist cocked back a little, in order to be able to “snap” harder for lack of a better word.
-Press thumb against ball.
-Think about keeping my arm angle up (otherwise I get a frisbee-like meatball).
-I try to show my thumb to my target to give the ball that topspin.
-I make sure to follow through just like any other pitch, otherwise the pitch will be left up.

i recently converted to from a change up and curveball to a splitter and slider… I found it to be a fairly easy conversion… The key with the slider is to hold it like a curve ball… with your fingers together and you want to make sure when you throw it is to be on the right side of the baseball (for a right) i found that easiest to do by putting the pressure on the seam with your middle finger… it forces you to supinate rather than pronate… which means to turn your arm over to the outside instead of the inside which you would do on a fast ball… then you have to whip it with your wrist and finish with your fingers toward your body… you do not want to spin it like a curveball… the ball will do the work… any questions or something doesnt make sense just let me know

i made the transition and i felt my pitch was game ready after 1 bullpen session and just playing catch with it twice

I use and like the knuckle curve, here is a nice video to get you going!