Brandon's Pitching Log

Hey all, im making this log so i can keep track of how i do in my first full season in organized baseball.

First game was a scrimmage today mentioned in another post but im keeping it here too.
Today we played a scrimmage against ourselves. would have gotten the win if we had been actually playing. 4IP, 6Ks, 2BB, 1 H, 0ER. And i also got an infield single and scored the only run for myself.
Was located quite a few sinkers for strikes but had problems with the 4 seam and 2 seam FB’s. 3 looking K’s and 3 swinging.
The BB’s happened because of a release point issue that was pointed out to me near the end of practice by my coach. Was shown 3 grips today by coach. Remember the grips (Mental note for those who are reading this and going what does that have to do with anything). 1 H was a bloop single to CF and the guy was snap thrown out at second. Hoping to work out the issues with my velocity. I havent worked out in a while so i have probably lost quite a bit of zip on the fastball.
Probably was around 60 mph today with the occasional BP fast ball that was put into play
Mixing speeds didnt happen today but sure the coach will tell me to throw changes at my pitching practice :roll:

tweaked a throwing arm muscle…nothing serious just a little “tweak” said by a trainer. But its better two days after tweaking it…one more night will finish off the healing for it. Threw today and felt no pain but want to give it a few days to get better.

But pitcher and catcher only practice on Wednesday so i can work on my locational issues that were pointed out to me on the day of my 4IP win over my team (i know how to pitch them so its not that hard for me to get K’s and outs)

pitched 1 inning in an intra-squad game. 3K’s but 3 BB as well, had issues loctating moving FB’s but arm was sore so i asked the coach to pull me out. Was bringing my normal heat however. The velocity was back to normal after a 1-4 mph loss in my last outing. Left the ball high again. Have to learn to “feel” how far off my release point is. Or even learn how to effectively throw over to first. Coach is going to work on it with all pitchers at a practice next Tuesday.

Still no changeups but i feel that my coach wants me to learn to throw it near the plate and also learn to not go to far from my normal fastball when starting. He preaches 95% of what you can throw with the fastball.

pitched an actual scrimmage yesterday against another team in my league. 2IP 5K 2h 2BB 2 ER. I also picked a guy off at second base.
2 ER’s was because my infield cant do anything. I got a ground ball w/ 2 outs hit to the second baseman and he overthrew the first baseman and a run scored

Also, got a couple of guys wayyyyy out in front of the change i had yesterday. Got 2 of my 5 K’s on that change with the guy looking at it. And got into 2 strike counts with guys sitting on fastball and swinging early.

Good day, walked and struck out looking on a very questionable strike 3 in my 2 AB’s. My team scored 2 runs while i was in the game but the other team scored like 15…only 2 of them were earned runs.

Pitched our season opener a while ago but have been busy enough where i havent been able to post about it.

Stats spread:

3IP 3h 3 BB 4 ER 6K and of course i balked 4 times :frowning:

Balks didnt hurt me tht much however as only 2 runners moved up because i got 2 warnings as all pitchers in my league do on opening day.

Struck out a couple looking and got some bats chasing some wicked changes. I was very happy as i also scored the game winning run after going 2-3 with a single, double, sb, and 2 runs and 2 RBI.

Pitched very well, worked corners well and took care of the guys i needed to.

Pitched a game yesterday that we had to win because we need the momentum for our next opponent, they are stacked.

I pitched well enough to get a W and in fact did get one because the winning and tying runs were scored right before i went out and pitched my last inning. Much better numbers this time around.

4IP, 2h, 2BB, 3ER, 4R, 3 putouts, 5K’s
hitting: 1-3 single, run scored

I had an error behind me which was the main cause of my giving up the 4th run. But i had much better velocity and i solved the mystery of my lost speed. I was snapping my wrist during my fastball delivery and was therefore throwing a “Fast Curve” i am thankful to be able to fire in the high 60’s again :smiley:

Pitched a game against a team who is ahead of us in the standings yesterday. We lost 10-9 and it was a walkoff 1Bh unfortunately. I pitched well as far as im concerned though. I started the game and really took advantage of the low strike the ump was calling
Here was my stat line
Pitching: 4IP, 3h, 3ER,6R, 0 BB, 7K’s
Hitting: 2-3; 2 1b, 4 SB, 2 R

I really did take advantage of the low strike as i got 5 of my 7k’s on guys looking. Was throwing my hardest again today, i think i might have touched 70 on one of my fastballs that a guy chased for strike 3.

My team lost partially because of the lack of “hustle” in the outfield and infield. And partly due to a few hanging hook type of pitches by the guy who relieved me of duty.

But i did well and thats all i can ask for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also had a game a little bit ago that i forgot to post for. We played the best team in our league…they are stacked. They have the best hitters in the league with some crazy good pitching as well. We lost 15-3 but i didnt do all that bad.

Pitching: 3IP, 6h, 5ER, 7R, 3K’s, 4BB
Hitting: 1-3 single, SB, run scored, K

I walked too many and that led to my problems in this particular game. But i feel that other than the walks i didnt do much wrong. I mixed in a changeup every once and a while and got guys out in front of it. Resulting in a rollover groundball.

Started against the team we scrimmaged in our first game against anyone except ourselves.

3 1/3 IP, 5ER, 8R, 0BB, 4K, 12h

I was really overused in this game…i told my coach to get me out at the beginnning of the 4th inning but he said i need to get through the innning cuz we were low on pitchers. I gave up 3 of the 5 ER in that inning.
I think i might have pulled a back muscle because i threw too many pitches. My arm was also really sore after the game so i dont think ill be pitching again for a little bit.

I gave up a lot of hits but the stat line doesnt show how the game actually went because guys missed pop-ups but because they never touched the ball it wasnt an error, also missed flyballs, and 4 HR due to missed cutoff assignments and terrible 5 foot short throws.

but again i guess i pitched well and thats all i can ask for

pitched a game this morning against another team that isnt very good.
Of course my team cant field :frowning: so i am frustrated yet again.

Pitching: 2 2/3IP, 4h, 5k, 2BB, 2ER (10 runs),
hitting: 2-3 2 1b, 1 run, 1 RBI

Unfortunately i threw 31 pitches in the first so that screwed me over from the beginning… 6 errors and 7 runs in the inning…what else can i say.
3 bobbled groundballs, 2 missed popups, and a throw into the other teams dugout after a groundball that should be an out.

Second inning i had more error issue but bailed myself out.

3rd inning i got out the first 2 hitters then i got 3-1 on the next hitter he rolled one to the shortstop and he missed it…the roll was like a 6 yr old rolling a bowling ball.

Anywho we lost and i feel very fatigued and need to figure out a way to get out of the first inning without my infield touching the ball. :lol:

oh yeah and yesterday we had a game that i hit a 3-run HR :smiley:
it got suspended due to lightning but i was 1-1 with a HR hehehe
it was 25 ft short of clearing the wall in right field. the other team had me like shaded to left field and way in so the kid just sat there and laughed.

Pitched a relief appearance after we were already out of the game down 9-0

2IP 0h, 1 error, 6K, 1BB

Pitched a phenominal game and dominated (probly not domination but it was sweet) struck out 5 in a row when i entered the game. then walked a guy on a reaaaaaaaaaaaally close pitch in a 3-2 count. Then i got an error behind me that resulted in a runner on 2nd and 3rd. He didnt score as i K’ed the next hitter with 3 straight FB’s placed very well.
Arm slot was up and i wasnt even close to hitting anybody. I threw to both sides of the plate effectively and i forgot to mention that 4 K’s were looking. Was locating the fastball effectively and utilizing the strike zone i noticed the ump set out

Ive had a couple of games that ive pitched in recently but havent had the time to enter them into the log.

Had 1 start which was awful…i walked 5 in 2IP and hit the leadoff hitter. plus i couldnt find the strike zone. We lost and i didnt do to well. But i made a nice defensive play at first base. And we fought back to make it a tie game entering the 7th inning.

I had a relief appearance against another team where i was lights out.
Stats: 2IP 0ER 4K 0BB
Had location and velocity which is a good combination when the ump likes to call strikes. I ended up not getting a decision as our starter gave up 12 runs in 3IP. We got mercyed (sp.?) and lost 28-9

Had another relief appearance a couple of days ago
Stats: 2IP 1ER (2 runs) 4K 0BB, 1 pickoff
Again i got the guys done pretty quick i think i threw like 31 pitches or something like that. I had a little issue with my arm slot being down but it was pointed out and i fixed it quickly.

I also played first in this game and made a webgem worthy catch…
Ball was popped up on the infield headed out of play over the fence near first but the wind knocked it down so it was going to hit this large fence (it was like the fence used on the backstop of most fields). I stayed with it the whole way and collided with the wall but i made the catch and held the runners at 1st and 3rd with 2 outs. :wink:

Started our teams first playoff game.

We were the 5 seed out of 5 teams and were playing the 4 seed. we had 2 wins all of the season.

I pitched well 4IP 1BB (intentional) 7k 3h 1 ER

we won by mercy final score was 13-2

on monday we are going to play the 1 seed who is the most stacked team you will ever see…5 best pitchers in the league 4 best hitters and their coach is the Division Director.

played in my leagues all star game but didnt get to pitch as the Undefeated league winner had their coach putting out the lineup card for us. He pitched his best friend (basically) and 3 of his teams pitchers and then 1 good one who is my friend and 2 bad guys from the other side of town (game was east vs west). We lost…but i was 0-0 with a walk and an SB. Oh by the way we had 22 hitters so i only got to hit 1 time

I havent posted in a while because i had that long month falloff between Summer and Fall ball.

We played our first game of the fall season (actually its a double header but ill post both games.

Game 1: Wild(My team) 5 Bulldogs(other team) 6
I didnt pitch in this game and we didnt play all that bad…i was 1-2 with a single, 2SB, and a walk. This team is much better than my Summer team for the record. But our 3 hitter had a clutch 2 out 3B hit to drive in 2 runs and make it a 1 run game…but then our dumb kid who has a bad attitude and doesnt hustle at all comes up and strikes out looking on FB right down the middle. And he complains about the location…he was about to be kicked from playing the second game (not all the bad)

Game 2: Wild 4 Bulldogs 15
I didnt pitch again (next time i probably will as i have impressed my coaches by blowing the ball by guys with changing speeds) but i was 1-1 with a single, and 2 walks. We played well but they hit up our pen a little bit including a 7 run inning. We had a real scare when a kid got nailed right on the back of the head with a FB when he was batting. He sat there for about 3 minutes and then finally got back up. The helmet flew about 5 feet no joke either, the ball hit the lip of the helmet on the back of his head.