Brandon Webb's Shoulder Surgery

I heard Webb is throwing low 80’s right now and can’t push himself to throw harder. I know shoulder surgery is a lot harder to come back from than elbow surgery.

That being said, who thinks his career may be nearing an end?

It’s really too soon to tell.
At this point, Webb has not fully recovered from the shoulder surgery, and you’re right, this is a lot harder to come back from than the elbow surgery. He’s wise not to push it; he should just keep throwing and work with what he’s capable of. If he finds that he is no longer capable of throwing the high cheese, he might want to experiment with a few things—perhaps a change in his delivery, drop down to 3/4 or even closer to sidearm, and certainly develop a few good breaking pitches, become a finesse pitcher. But, as you say, perhaps nearing the end of his run? Nah, he’s too good a pitcher for that. So just keep an eye on him and await developments. 8)