Brandon Webb's change-up

What type of change is it, and how do you throw it… was watching a game last night and i saw at least 3-4 batters whiff on it as it dropped straight down resulting in a K.

thanks ahead =)

His sinker already has so much movement, his changeup is just basically a slower version of his sinker. Here is his grip, though.

Brandon Webb is teh awsome right now! Hey, xv84, were you the one who posted pitchers of Maddux’s fastball/curveball grip a while ago? I’d love to see that thread again if you can dig it up.
Anyway, this is an interesting picture. It doesn’t look like an ordinary changeup. He splits his middle finger from his ring and pinky. I wonder if this is the reason why he gets soo much movement. Probably is…

Im going to try to throw it it is very good

having a weird grip isnt what is going to make a pitch do amazing stuffs. the arm angle, the pronation, the speed of the pitch and the rotation of the pitch is what will do a difference. you can get hard downward mouvement with any change-up grips. look at shaun marcum or roy halladay or pedro or even chad cordero. all different pitchers, all different grips, all same hard dive.

But, doesn’t changing the grip effect the rotation of the ball as well? I’m able to make my change up break towards my glove side just by simply gripping more firmly with my middle finger. I believe it’s a combination of all things that makes the ball dip like that. Why not experiment with the grip instead of changing the delivery to “get” the bite on the changeup (or other pitches)? What’s the harm in that?

basically you get the changeup you get. get a grip that makes it comfortable for you, take the index finger off the ball, back the ball in your hand and fire it with or without pronation. there’s no secret magic voodoo stuffs with grips. not because brandon webb grips it like that asnd get downward break means that everyone gripping it like that will do same thing. if that weas that easy everyone would throw it. if you dont have the exact same velocity and mechanics of brandon webb you wont get the same mouvement. im pretty sure if he would grip the ball like pedro or tom glavine or curt schilling he would get pretty much same thing