Brandon morrow-clip (perfection?)

Within a thread on here someome awhile back, someone linked to this clip…

…showing former Cal pitcher and first round pick Brandon Morrow … I’ve been watching this clip over and over over the past two weeks.

This guy’s mechanics are so perfect, aren’t they?

I’d be interested to hear what you more “expert” guys think Morrow does well, and I challenge you to find any flaws.

One thing I really admire is how fast his motion is, and yet he is not “rushing” … how does he pull this off? The guy must have a very strong core…

Also, his posture is very upright … this is a topic I’m very interested in.

No such thing as perfect mechanics, but his look pretty good to me. Then again I’m not an expert.

I claim no particular expertise (mechanically anyway), but I sure do love to see a guy work this smooth/effortlessly

He looks good to me also.

You know more than most I’ve run into on boards.

I agree that he looks good, but I don’t think he’s perfect.

While it’s hard to tell since I can’t go frame by frame through the video, I think his PAS elbow gets a little high (ala Anthony Reyes but not as much). He ends up with his PAS upper arm level-ish and his PAS forearm hanging down vertically from it, which I don’t like (e.g. it’s not what Maddux or Ryan do). I believe that this results from trying to break your hands with your elbows (rather than your hands). His PAS elbow and arm also go a little far back behind his back for my taste.

I do like that he never comes close to locking his GS knee. Instead, like Tanner, he always keeps some bend in his GS knee.

I’d say some of the reasons why this guy looks so smooth and effortless are minimal head movement and good use of the body to throw with. And good mechanics and timing in general. He does a good job of staying closed (except one of those in-game pitches where he falls of to the side).

He kind of reminds me of Josh Beckett from the in game side view. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.

He looks pretty damn smooth … if he had any issues in regard to velocity or getting the ball down in the zone, I might try to get him to extend forward and down a little more at release — looks like he’s a little more upright on some pitches — but it doesn’t make much sense to mess with success and health.

Does anyone know anything more about this guy? Anyone ever seen him pitch live or on TV? Know any interesting background on him?

Here’s a lot of interesting info. Looks like you can find info on other pitchers on the site.

he has type 1 diabetes


Here’s a lot of interesting info. Looks like you can find info on other pitchers on the site.[/quote]

cool link. Thanks