Hey, just wanted to see what your thoughts are on this supplement. I just found it on the web. Mike, Steve, any thoughts on if this can help with baseball.

I don’t know anything about it. My first impulse would be to tell you not to waste your money. I’m not saying that it definitely won’t work but its not tested by the FDA and I don’t usually trust things like this. Many supplements work because of whats called the placebo effect. You think it will work so it does. If you are going to spend on supplements, I’d stick to some of the more basic supplements which have been used and tested more.

Here is some info about it,

According to them it has been tested, but i’ll try and find out by googling it. Somewhere on the site, they post the ingrediants of the supplement. I just find it interesting that i’ve never heard of this before. I think I might try out the 60day free trial they have and see how it works. I guess it’s known as bodyquick here in the U.S.

Be very careful with the wording about their studies. I haven’t spent a lot of time on their site but I saw in two places where they said that the active compounds in this supplement have been tested in over 4050 studies. That does not mean that this supplement was in studies, it just means that someone tested one of the ingredients in the supplement.

I can’t say for sure that this stuff doesn’t work. It might. But I can say that I have a lot of trouble trusting it.

Hey, well, thanks for your help Mike. Yeah, I’m not sure if i’m going to try out the 60 day trial, it’s provoking since it would only cost 6.95. I’ve been trying to find the articles on brainquicken, but have come up empty. :cry: If I decide to try it out, I’ll map out my experience with it to share with the rest of you. If-key word-. Thanks for your help.