Brace Face Blues

How many of you have braces? I hate mine. I’ve had them for almost three years and I still have to put up with them for three more months. They hurt, they make eating a chore, they make speaking awkward, and they make you’re pictures look like crap.

Right now I am licking the heck of my teeth because of my painful braces. Gosh they piss me off. What about you?


(angrily attemps to pick of metal brackets) :chair:

Yeah I got mine 2 years ago and I get em off in another 2 years. Grr. I’ve gotten used to mine but recently something happened so I have to eat out of my right side because a brace on the bottom left side has like come off the tooth so it slides along the wire and can spin around. Orthodontist sucks too. Grr.

My little sis has had hers for 4 years and she still has 1 more year left. Ouch.

Haha, I had them on two separate occasions (for just over a year each time) one to fix and overbite and one to straighten. It’s not fun at all, it it makes brushing and flossing next to impossible. I’m done now though :smiley: