Bp video let me know what to do better

help me out constructive criticism please

My best advice to you is do your research and apply it to your own swing. Take advice as a “suggestion”. You are living in a time when research has never been easier or more instantaneous. Don’t be afraid of reaching back over history for information. Hitting is a science that has been going on since the beginnings of the game. Check out the historical record of great hitters and see if any of their methods fit your style. Compare today’s hitters. In other words, become an expert mentally on hitting by studying the art and science. Do your due diligence.

When you take swings, realize that you are creating a muscle memory. Take every swing with the purpose of doing it right every time. Fewer swings with purpose are better than a great number of swings without thinking. Remember that you have to create a philosophy before you can create a swing to achieve goals. Are you going for contact? Are trying to drive the ball? Are you pulling the ball or using the entire field? Can you hit differently depending on the situation? For instance, can you get inside the ball with your hands out front to place the ball on the right side of the field with a runner in scoring position on third?

With some of those things in mind, make use of your resources. Here is a historical hitter who happened to write a book on hitting. It can be checked out of most libraries. It’s called “The Science of Hitting” by Ted Williams.

ESPN clip on Ted:

Today’s most exciting hitter:

College footage of Bryce’s swing:

A discussion of the differences between rotational and linear hitting:

As you start to absorb this information you build a foundation for a good swing coach to use…provided you get lucky enough to find someone who can be there when you are swinging to give you immediate feedback. That’s a very good position to be in. You can find this in college winter camps or even your closest college baseball program.

Now, I see you already have a pretty compact powerful swing. No stride and back leg dominant. It appears you are part of an organized team and you’ve been exposed to a coaching philosophy on hitting. I’d be interested in knowing what you think you are doing right. What kind of pitching you have struggled with in the past? What are your goals? And how do you plan on achieving them?

First off, thanks for the advice man. It’s all really good , and I think that I can hit the ball pretty hard with my swing now, and that I get threw the ball pretty good. But like those videos pointed out I think I’m only hitting with rotation and that if I get a little more of a stride in my swing then I could hit it harder. Curveballs are the pitch that I struggle with the most.