Bp fastball?

is it safe to use my bp fastball for a changeup?? or should i just use my regular palmball?

you can get by throwing a bpfastball in a game but not as a changeup, only as a once in a blue moon pitch like to get a first pitch strike or something. if the team notice you throw a bunch of those slow/straight pitches they will sit on it and you’ll get rocket. orlando hernandez sometimes throws slow fastballs, greg maddux, jamie moyer and tom glavine are other pitchers that pops out in my mind when talking about bp fastballs. basically you throw a pitch at a speed the batter isnt ready for, it will work like a change up if not abused but will definetly be rocket like a bpfastball if you throw it too often. work that palmball too.

A BP Fastball is all I ever threw, and was very effective with it. Throw it 2 seam and turn it over, maintaining fb arm speed. It’s all about what you can throw consistantly enough that you can throw 2-0 & 3-1…HOW you do it is irrelevant.