As I continue to try and find a workout for my offseason, I came across this article:,4382,635179057,00.html?textfield=boxing

I just remembered that my science teacher is also a boxing trainer, and me and him seem to have a pretty good relationship and we like to talk about weight training.

I’ve read alot lately that cross-training is the best way to get stronger and stay in shape during the offseason, and a great way to motivate you. Since I’m not going to be able to play summerball this year, should I try and get into boxing for the summer? It seems like a logical choice.

A lot of athletes are starting to realize the benefits of training in boxing. Shawn Merriman started prior to last season, and he saw a big boost to his power and conditioning. I’d definitely look into boxing this summer since you can’t play baseball. See if your teacher can help you out with the cost (boxing is normally not very expensive, but some gyms are more “corporate” than others).

The main thing you need to remember - protect your hands! Broken bones in the hands and wrists can happen if you do not wrap your hands the right way, and the rehab for that can take months. Don’t try to cut cost on the gloves, learn to wrap your hands well, and find a good trainer. Have fun and let us know how it turns out.

You are giving us a different viewpoint. Speed bag workouts are great conditioners as is shadow boxing inside the square, while keeping the footwork going. Throw in some creative jump rope routines and roadwork is less painful. Take a glove, a lacrosse ball, find a wall and keep the arm moving. Of course an opponent keeps the competitive juices flowing. Good luck.

There’s a tendency to hyperextend the arm while boxing, especially if you go as far as sparring. Other than that it is a great workout. Once you get into the ring and see how long a round seems to last you’ll work harder than you ever have before.