Boxing Workouts for Deceleration Training

After having a lengthy conversation with Dylan Bundy’s father (where this routine was popularized on YouTube), I decided to add a circuit of heavy bag hits to our warm-up for deceleration and compression training. Has been great so far.

Interesting stuff, I did some heavy bag stuff when I was rehabbing from a shoulder surgery, I just figured it was something different that my PT came up with to break up the monotony.

I have always wanted to incorporate heavy bad stuff into my workouts, just have never found a heavy bad :cry:

Pick one up on Craigslist used. You can find those silly Billy Blanks models filled with water in the base for pretty cheap when Tae-Bo was all the rage 5-8 years ago!

I have a heavy bag, should I just go punch it until I am tired and/or have shoulder injuries? You will be receiving correspondence from my attorney if and when…

I should add here that I am messing with Kyle - do not take this seriously (sorry fearsomefour)

Punch with proper technique and you wont have to worry about injuries…and wrap your wrists/hands.

My son uses a kick dummy (Water-filled base, padded torso area) and works his lower half also, over the years it’s been a constant.

I assumed it wasnt a real question. But, gotta wrap those wrists and hands. The local gym I go to has a 100 lb heavy bag hanging in one corner. Several times I have seen people come in with gloves but no wraps on their wrists. Most of them were not throwing “real” punches but still, the last thing a pitcher would need is to catch a bag not square and sprain his wrist by having it (his wrist) roll on him.