Boxing/punching bag for pitching

has anyone tried working out with a punching bag? Seems like it may be good cross training for pitching.

I have not tried it but i am always up for some new workout.

It’s a fantastic workout for general fitness and one of my favourite workouts. If you have good technique, you’ll find there’s a lot of core work. It’s about body upper body rotation, not just the arms. The motions are not really that similar to pitching, with the possible exception of the upper body rotation, which makes it still worth doing. If you are going to do it, go to Youtube and search for “boxing tutorial”. The ones by Russ Anber are good.

Personally I would NOT recommend it. Don’t get me wrong, great workout for all of the right muscles, but its too high of impact you will kill your joints and are just asking for injury. If you want a great X training program for pitching look at swimming. It can be a great workout when done right and very little/no impact.

Swiiming would make more sense b/c the water would cut down the stress and wear and tear on your body. Punching a bag could lead to hand/wrist injuries which will alomost kill your chances of throwing a baseball.

This is the top pitching prospects for 2011 working out.

Wolforth also has his pitchers hit a heavy bag with a baseball bat to strengthen the core.

As for swimming, this is Eric Cressey’s take.

I think it’s a great idea for a workout to “mix” things up. Just be careful with your hands and wrists.