Boxing and pitching?

would boxing be good for pitching? stuff like jump roping and using a punching bag would that help with explosiveness?

here you go, this sort of thing has been discussed before.

Boxing tends to be hard on the elbow due to hyperextension. If you only work out and don’t spar you can probably avoid it. If you do spar you will miss and you will hyperextend your elbow. Been there, done that.

o ok thanx for the feed and info

I think the training would be great… Get explosive arm muscles, great core strength.
I have a heavy bag, and a sway bag at my house. I believe it’s helped other aspects of baseball. The sway bag that is, with improved hand-eye coordination, and quickening your hands.

There are alot of similarities.Which makes me question the need of a strong back in pitching. Because in boxing a strong back gives alot of power.Also how much roll do the calfs play in pitching. I know they have to be important for sprinting because if you notice people with large muscular calfs have explosive take off how much does this help in pitching and velo.

I think so, because much of boxing is about conditioning the core.

Also, the best boxers punch with their entire bodies, not just their arms.

Sidearmer 05:
You ask about boxing helping pitching— I don’t think it would hurt you any. A lot of “explosive power” as you call it , in pitching is generated from the legs and lower abdominals, if your boxing , then your doing crunch’s, jumping rope and a lot more leg and ab strengthening with pushup’s ,setup’s etc. So as far as lower body strength I’d bet you got it. The arm speed in boxing and in pitching are different , like in boxing you punch straight to the mark.
In pitching your actually, sort of ‘whipping’ the arm through in a sort of arc, so this part I’m not sure if boxing helps, I doubt it, But as far as overall conditioning boxing’s great for any sport.