Boxing and baseball

i started taking boxing classes at school two days a week and i was just wondering if that is bad for your throwing arm… i heard that it will increase your fast twitch muscles so i thought it would be a good idea… not to mention thta it is great for stamina and cardio? does anyone have any comments or suggestions

Generally it is going to be good for your overall fitness. From experience, I know that nothing motivates you to get in shape like having been in the ring with someone who is trying to clobber you for several minutes. I don’t think it will have much if any effect on your throwing velocity. Of course you have to watch out for broken or sprained fingers, thumbs and wrists. The other potential problem that happens at times is hyperextension of the elbow which can be bad for a pitcher. So be careful when doing punching drills to not fully extend.

yeah i was wondering too… cause in one of my workouts i used a punching bag a few times… its ok on your shoulder though… like it wont hurt it?