Do you think bowling can hurt the throwing arm?

What kind of bowling are you doing, lol! I don’t see why it would, but if you take it real serious, and try and curve the ball, then maybe, although, I still don’t see why it would… Anyways, if it makes a difference, I’ve never felt any pain when bowling…

If you train your body and perform good mechanics you should have little chance of injury

Generally, no. Especially if you do it the way the pro bowlers do it.

The reason is that, to put the correct spin on the ball you have to powerfully pronate your wrist.

That will serve to protect the elbow.

I agree with Trainer Dave, but didn’t bowl during the season - especially on or around gameday. Personal preference, of course. I didn’t like that way my arm felt after I bowled (still don’t, actually) and I didn’t want to do anything whatsoever, ever, that might potentially cause me to miss a performance. That included bowling, playing around with footballs, playing golf (b/c of low back), etc.

But like Trainer Dave says, good mechanics leads to a decreased chance of injury.

i have bowled since i was in 1st grade and pitched since little league and if u bowl the right way then u shouldn’t have any problems with your shoulder.
college bowling coaches say all the time bowling should never hurt and if it does your doing it wrong. but i have never had any injuries do to bowling except a sore wrist after alot of games but ya i wouldn’t recommend it on or around game day you just have to be ready for game day and dont take any chances on that.