Bowling for Bases

You’re up to bat and the pitcher and you have had words in the past. He’s not exactly a nice guy - no, in fact he’s a poster child for nut case-on-a-stick.

So, he looks at you and says … " I bet you couldn’t hit a bowling ball if it was rolled to ya!"

Which in turn you reply …" Oh yeah butter-cup, roll one and let’s see."

So, he does. The pitcher actually roles the ball to you on the ground, and as it comes closer to you, it starts to hop on some infield lumps of grass, then bounces off the toe of your front spike, and comes to a rest right next to you.

Do you get a base? Do you get a ball count? Is it a no pitch? Or is the pitcher now trying for the ole 2 pin - 10 pin split?

Coach B.

Assuming it was a legal pitch, it would be ball one. The batter failed to make an attempt to get out of the way, so he does not get first base. The pitch is simply a ball.

If the pitch was illegal (meaning he did not wind-up or stretch correctly), then it would still be a ball (illegal pitch) if no runners were on and a balk if runners were on.



I was the batter in the box. The pitcher was a coach I had words with in the past and it was no secret that the association was tolerable at best.

So, this guy, with the outline figure of a duckpin, actually bowls the ball to me. I stand there thinking to myself … " oh, here’s a free 90 feet".


The UIC charges me with deliberately standing there and getting hit. The backstop - who I coached in the past when he was with us, actually stood straight up, started to brace himself like he was going to catch me falling, and said …’ Wow, you ok coach?" All the while the ball, just sitting there next to my front toe.

Yes, the ball rolling to the plate would be a ball, and I did not get a free riide becuase it touched me and in the plate umpire’s opinion, I didn’t make an effort to get out of the way.

Coach B.

I wouldn’t have gotten out of the way either.