Bouncing Back

Hey i had pitched yesterday from a artificial mound and i could tell you, i did pretty bad. The fastball wasnt there, i hit my friend almost in the head with a fastball and i was getting rocked. Im so used to pitching flat ground… does that have anything to do with it? :shock:

It could have to with pitching off of a mound but it could also be a mental thing. What pitches were you throwing? also was it only your friend that you hit?

Yes, if you are pitching most of the time flat, then that is the problem. Your timing will get screwed to hell if you make that jump without practice. A major league mound declines one inch for every foot, so if your stride is 6 feet, your end up 6 inches lower than where you started. Convert that statistic to someone who has had their foot landing on the same level as he started, and you have a problem. Basically, your body is ready to throw, but you still have another 5 or 6 inches to drop, which will cause you to throw a flat fastball and be all over the place.

Work to reestablish yourself off the mound before you pitch live again. Try and take everything slow, so that your arm is not in throwing positiong while you are still in the midst of striding. It will take 3 or 4 bullpen sessions before you are at the same level you were off flat ground, but at that point you will probably see benefits of extra speed on your fastball, and more downward action on all your other pitches.

i was throwing all the pitches in my arsenal … sinker,changeup,fastball,and knuckle curve and the only thing that wasnt getting rocked was my knucklecurve… i also had a line drive hit back to me comin straight to my head and i caught it and fell on the mound was funny but gave me the reality of pitching on the mound… :wink: