Bouncing Back

We had our first intersquad today are pitching was flat out dominate. When it came my turn i got the first out easy, then got 1-2 on the next guy he is an all-state player which was really boosting my confedence, then after i missed my spot he got a hit nothing special just a blooper, after that it all went down hill i ended up bocking twice, giving up 3 or 4 runs, although there were two errors i felt like it was all my fault i would have to say one of the worst outings ever in my life. Now because of this my varsity chance which was 100% has gone way down and i dont know what to do

Just my two cents:

It sounds like your thinking to much when your on the mound, just by the fact you take notice of someone else’s accomplishments. It’s good to respect hitters so that you don’t give them anything to good, but a lot of time you end up thinking to much, and then if a runner gets on, they can preoccupy you, ect

It can be helpful to have the attitude that no one can touch you, and if they do they were just lucky and you’ve got them next time.

I usually think way to much about who’s at the plate.
However, I moved and have no idea about anyone I’m pitching against.
Honestly, I love it because it my game and the batter is just playing it it.

Well, if you don’t make the varsity, you can stll enjoy your time kicking ass on JV. It sucks to have to worry about what coaches are thinking about you. You’re pretty powerless over that. Just treasure every opportunity you might get from here on.

You balked multiple times, huh? Why’s that?

the first time i balked there was a runner on 1st that went early and my front fooy moved before my back otherwise I threw him out but he stayed do to the balk then the second time it happened again but with adifferent runner I just cant seem to to step off i always get gonig before i do

well it happened I got put on JV as a junior, after busting my A** the whole winter I got the biggest slap in the face ever. He said there were two more spots left. I just dont know waht to do. I know that I disverved a varsity spot more than any of the new additions. Im just lost

Kick botty on JV. Your high performance will get you noticed. Then if guys struggle or get hurt, guess who they will come to for a little pitching help?

Even if you dont get your shot, this year, you have more years. If you dominate, and you still are not getting a look, talk with the coaches of other teams in your league. They might need pitching too, Ian.

I have just deciced I need a break I have been putting to much stress on this but I dont think he will let me play next year, plus the summer coach is also one of the coaches and they feel the same so Im kinda in a rutt

Can you find another team? Is this geographicially possible?

yeah i plan to this summer, another local legion team

well I decided just to keep playing and the team took me back, my coach told what i need to accomplish the first part of the season to be on varsity, so im back in the game

Good for you!!
Now go find out what you have to fix and fix it. Keep a great attitude! Let it shine.

I guess its different for me haha. I was never a big strike out pitcher but i was still the ace of my team last year. let me tell you. My team defense was terrible…error after error…it made it tough to work with and althoguh we didnt win games i still found ways to pitch pretty good. I got used to shaking little things like errors off.Many of my old coaches say that i have a positive attitude when im on the mound but thats all probably from my experiences with low defensive teams.

use this as a lesson learned type thing. Never lose your cool on the mound. The mound is your spot. Its where the most peace should be felt on the ball daimond. Never lose focus.

The late great Early Wynn used to say that the pitcher’s mound was his office and that he didn’t want anyone messing around with it. 8)