Bouncing a slider


Does anyone have any tips for locating a slider in the dirt (maybe a point of refrence you look at or think about). I am lefy and throw from a low three quarter so I am looking to bounce it by the back foot of a right handed hitter.


Don’t even try it. If the slider—or any other pitch—hits the dirt, especially if it’s out of the strike zone, the umpire will call it a ball. And that would be a waste of a good slider—or any other good pitch. Better just go for the knees, now there’s a strike.


Im not sure if your being serious but I meant in the context of two strikes with a pitch to waste, in this case I would not want to throw a slider in the strikezone that could be hit rather one that is either a swinging strikeout or a ball.


Aim for the catchers inside knee (his glove knee).